Explain what is Digital Analytics to a person who does not know about it

In this activity you will write a maximum one-sided A4 page in an Arial font of size 12 explaining what is Digital Analytics to someone who does not anything about it.

You will use for that what you learnt within this course + any external resources you may find on the internet or anywhere else.

This document must contain:

  • Paragraphs.
  • Titles and sub-headings.
  • Pictures/images if necessary.
  • Important keywords in bold.

The document must be a pdf file and has to be sent as a .zip file.

Your work will be graded according to the following criterias:

  • Respect of the guidelines
  • Few typos/mistakes
  • Easy to read document
  • The content is organized logically

What you will deliver

  • a zip file containing a pdf document.