You can always cheer your graphs and pray but most of the time you do not transform your website into a cash machine without taking actions.

In this activity we will ask you to take actions on one of your website and explain within a PDF document and through a video what you experimented.

  • Indicate first what you would like to test, for example I would like to test if more visits to my website will bring me more conversions. My plan is to double the number of visits on my website on a weekly period.
  • Indicate then why you are testing this, for example I think my website is good but as I don't have much visits per day, my number of conversions is still equal to 0.
  • Indicate what are your expected results and what you will consider as a failure or a success: if I can get 100 visits in a week I think I could get at least one contact form filled (whatever the content of it is). If I am getting less than 100 visits in a week with no form, I will wait until getting 100 visits. If I get 100 visits and no form filled in, then it is a failure and I will consider that my website is finally not as optimized as I thought. If I am getting one form field out of 100 visits, I will investigate about possibilities to increase this number of visits up to 200 visits by adding more contents to my website up to those 200 visits per week.
  • Run your test.
  • Draw your conclusions.

What you will deliver

  • A PDF A4 document one-sided maximum in Arial font, size font 12 explaining your test.
  • A video showing how you implemented the test and the results you got out of it.