Installing Revive on your local server

As usual, there is no interest in just reading this course content without practicing. As you really need to understand what is an ad network in order to understand paid advertising, it is now your turn to install an ad server on your computer.

In this activity you will record your screen with a software such as where you will explain how you succeeded in installing Revive on your local server.

The video needs to show:

  • the download of the software.
  • the upload on your local server (copy/paste).
  • the creation of the Revive's database.
  • that the installation has been successful.
  • you can record your voice, but if you don't want, you can just add text to explain what you are doing, this is fine.
Once the video recorded, upload it on any video hosting platform you want, you can make it as a private video or a public one, and add the link to your video within a text file. Send the text file as .zip.
Once the video corrected, feel free to delete it online or to keep it online if you want.

What you will deliver

  • A .zip file containing a text file with the url of your hosted video.