Practising Search Engine Optimization

Assignment goal:

  • To understand how optimizing your content can make it appears higher within the SERP.
  • To know how to write a web page in order for search engines to index text content.

Assignment rules:

You will create a web page with about 250 words on it. As the results in terms of Search Engine Optimization need to be measure, you can measure performances with Matomo Analytics.
The content you will write, will be about anything you want and which is popular in terms of search volume.
In order to analyze which search terms are popular it is strongly advised to use services such as SEM Rush or
You will write your content with search engine optimization in mind, this web page will be written in order to attract at least one request such as the one you defined within your pdf document.

What you will deliver:

  • A URL on which one can check your web page.
  • An .pdf file explaining your choices.
  • If Matomo is installed on the web page, you will get a bonus point.

Good luck