Design your own working methodology

Doing this exercise has only sense if you have a need for an acquisition channel. If you don't want to deploy an acquisition channel strategy, please find one before starting.

Once you have a clear idea of which acquisition channel you would like to use (social networks, emailing, webmastering, game...) then start to draft your working methodology. You can of course use the one we are mentioning within the course, but as we previously mentioned those are just examples. So look through the internet, search for "checklists", "all-in-one", "ultimate", "best practices", "audit" keywords linked with your online acquisition strategy in order to find the right documents. Once you will have them, build your own strategy and fill it with the information you have in mind.

Once done make a pdf document out of it and upload it here.

The most important point you have to consider is why are you giving those answers, there is no right or wrong, it is all about which decision you are taking and do you know why you are taking it.