Design a banner ad

Scenario: You have been hired by a marketing agency in order to design some banner ads for the following website: It has been asked you to design two banner ads: a 300px x 250px banner ad. a 728px x 90px banner ad. Each banner ad has to advertise a different product of The purpose of those two banner ads are to make people purchase the product. Those banner ads are intended to be published on websites such as: As you can see from above, there are two banner ads on the given page, one at the top, one at the right. You are free to use any graphical image software you want from GIMP to Inkscape to Krita. Pay attention, this exercise is far more complicated than it seems. Take your time in order to identify what your target audience is, to clearly list on paper what are the main advantages of your product, to clearly define a CTA, to have a brand image aligned with the website to which you are sending your users to. Criterias taken into consideration: In topic or out of the topic (the most important criteria). The banner ads needs to be in a specific size (300px x 250px) and (728px x 90px). Clear justification of your choices in a .pdf document. The banner ads need to be send as .png file. You will need to list at least one benefit of the service on the ad. You will need to include a call to action within the ad. The banner ad need to be attractive and respect the website to which you are sending the data to. The banner ad need to respect digital marketing best practices.
Assignment interest: To be able to create your own banners, either for advertising purposes or to decorate a social network profiles. To be less dependent from web designers. To be able to express your own creativity.