Custom alerts in Matomo

Custom alerts allow you to be notified when a specific value has been reached within Matomo Analytics, this is very helpful as it avoids you to always look at your data.

Here are below a list of a custom alert definition example:

Custom alert name Description Condition Next action Comments
Goal tracking issue ?? Indicate if no goals have been recorded on a given week. Weekly frequence, 0 goal recorded Check if goals are still on. To adjust to month if necessary.
Not found pages too high Indicate if the number of not found pages is too high. Daily frequence. Page title equals "Page non trouvée" higher than 10 in pageviews. Check pages which are concerned with the "Not found" segment + Page url report. Report to webassoc if critical.
Website or Matomo down ?? Indicate if the number of visits is below 10. Daily frequence. If the number of visits is below 10 then fire the alert. Have a look at the website. If still on, connect to Matomo and double check if the call is on.

Last modified: Thursday, 30 July 2020, 9:38 AM