Events in Matomo

Events are one the most interesting feature in analytics as it allows you to customize your needs in terms of data collection. Analytics solution are mostly here in order to track websites, that's why most of the anlaytics solutions are measuring the number of website pages which have been loaded. This is what we call the pageviews. But who told you that only pageviews can be measured? In fact you can measure any interaction you want in a website, app or any connected device, and this is what we call events. Events are no limit so if you would like to measure:

  • how many people spent more than 2 minutes 21 seconds and 4 miliseconds... you can.
  • if you would like to know how many people are scrolling down your page up to read a bad comment about your products/services... you can.
  • people who played to a video game hosted on your website and closed the game when the message game over was displayed... well you can.
  • people interacting with a slideshow.
  • people downloading files on your website.

To make it simple you can track whatever you want. You just need for that to explain it to Matomo or any other analytics solutions and this is what we call tracking events.

Implementing the tracking event is as easy as the interaction you would like to measure, if it is an easy one, it is going to be easy, if it is a complex one, then you are going to have a hard time.

In the past we used to insert the tracking code directly within the source code which require a lot of effort. By chance thanks to Tag Management Systems performing this action became easy.

Last modified: Thursday, 23 January 2020, 1:43 PM