Debugging a tracking code

When a tracking code is not working, that's your duty to understand where the problem is. As there are many, many different reasons why your tracking code may not working, you need to have a minimum of methodology... or at least a checklist in order to unvalidate your hypothesis. The list below may help even if it is not that exhaustive:

  1. Are you looking at the right website in Matomo? Do not hesitate to change your preferences accordingly.
  2. Is your tracking code on the page? It is a silly check but trust us, it helps. If not add it.
  3. Is the request properly sent? Check that within the network tab of the Firefox console and/or console and read the message. It is sometimes far more understandable than what we think.
  4. If no data are sent, try to push it with the HTTP tracking API.
  5. Is your data within the visit log and not within a report? If yes that's probably because of the processing delay.
  6. Did you clear your cache on your page? Ctrl+F5
  7. Did you check with different browsers? including mobile. Some browsers may have privacy settings on.
  8. Do you have a filter on?
  9. If you are using Matomo Tag Manager, use the preview and debug mode, if it does not work clear your cache or use a different browser.
Last modified: Monday, 9 September 2019, 8:57 PM