How to contribute to Matomo?

As a marketer, there are many ways you can help the Matomo community.

  • Provide your help through the Matomo forum: the more people there are, then the more support people get and this is what makes good software. Please visit to contribute.
  • Translation: if you find out that some translations are not the one you are expecting, register to the translation service to offer your own version. Please visit in order to start translating the Matomo project.
  • Plugins: ok, ok you may not be a developer, but building a plugin for Matomo is really straightforward, and you do not really need to do something complicated to get started. In order to learn how to develop and distribute your own plugin, please visit:
  • Provide your feedback: there are many tickets on github on which you can provide your feedback for improvements. or even on social networks. Please if you would like to improve the features of Matomo, contribute on
  • Donations: as on most free software projects. If you would like to support Matomo
  • Content marketing: speading the word about Matomo Analytics is already of a great help.

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 5:41 PM