Developing plugins for Matomo

Honestly the best way to start creating your own plugin is by following the official documentation at:
You don't really need to be a developer in order to succeed, all you need is to follow carefully the documentation. You will then end up within the next 30 minutes with your first and own plugin. Of course it won't be the best plugin of the earth yet but you will see that by embedding third party services you will already be able to develop useful plugins.

Starting to plan your project

Start by explaining the problem that you would like to solve. For example: I wish I had a way to filter the source of traffic within Matomo Analytics in order to have websites that I can give access to only some teams and not others.
Then start to design what you would like to expect, even if that's not 100% perfect:
it will give you an idea of if your development will be worth it or not.
Then think about a way to develop it in an easy and consistent way. In my case, I could definitely make an include filter, but as the other ones are exclude filters, it may be far more easier for me to do an exclude filter as well and to copy/paste the code of those other features.
Last modified: Saturday, 11 April 2020, 5:27 PM