The ultimate emailing checklist

Find below all the things you have to take into consideration before sending your emailing.

About your audience:

  • Are you 100% sure you can send this emailing to those people?
  • If you are purchasing a database, double check that the audience is qualified and that the company behind is trustworthy?
  • Is your database segmented?
  • Are you sending your emailing to people who are qualified for your emailing?
  • Is your database up to date?

About coding:

  • Did you check your HTML code?
  • Did you check your email on both desktop and mobile?
  • Do you offer the possibility to the recepient to see your emailing in his browser?
  • Did you fill in all the alt tag of images?

About Marketing

  • Is the subject of your email clear and pertinent?
  • Is your subject line short enough?
  • Did you spend enough time defining it? Did you do a brainstorming? Are you testing it?
  • Is the design compliant with your organization?
  • Do you have a good balance between text and images?
  • Do you have an attractive offer/information to share?
  • Do you think you will get your return on investment or do you have a doubt?
  • Is your content not using any spam vocabulary or special caracters or uppercases letters?
  • Are you testing the content of your message with another audience? (A/B testing)
  • Is the content of your email short enough?

About privacy:

  • Do people are aware about the emailing sending frequency?
  • Did they give you their explicit consent to receive it?
  • Did users gave you their explicit consent in order to be tracked with an analytics solution?
  • Do you offer them to clearly unsubscribe?
  • Do you respect the unsubscribe process?
  • Do you provide them with a clear link to a privacy policy page?
  • Do you provide information about your company/organization in the footer?

About tracking:

  • Did you activate the automate Google Analytics link tracking feature?
  • Did you add additionnal tracking to your links?
  • Did you define your goals within your analytics solution in order to measure your return on investment?
  • If you plan to do A/B testing, did you add the corresponding parameters?
Last modified: Tuesday, 9 July 2019, 9:49 AM