Hosting your website on a third party web hosting platform

As you read previously, outsourcing the hosting of your website is what almost everyone is doing as it requires a high level of expertise, but which company should you go to and what kind of services do they offer?

Well, honestly, there is a bit of everything out there, so choosing the right web hosting platform really depend of what your project is about and how do you feel with the company.

Among the different points you may have to consider:

  • Services offered, in general you will look at minimum for a web hosting platform offering the registration of the domain name + the web hosting. But in some cases you may need more such as to provide you with phone numbers, some specific app integrations...
  • The nationality of the company and the location of their servers, this is more for a legal perspective but in general you will choose a provider of your own country, unless you would like to work on international projects and for SEO reasons you would like to ensure that your website will be consider as the one you will compete with.
  • The price. If your project is very small this part is interesting. Some hosting providers have offers which starts for less than 2€ per year, this is really interesting as it allows you to test a lot of services for a small fee.
  • Support, getting the right answers at the right time is really important, not all web hosting platforms will provide you the same level of support. Unfortunately you will test this support only once you subscribed with them. So only experience and feedback from other clients will help you make this choice here.
  • Machines. In general the more money the web hosting provider have, then the more offers they will have in terms of machine performances. This point is interesting to consider if you plan to implement a big project.

Ok, now let's see what are the general services web hosting companies will provide you.

Web hosting providers general services

Of course, services provided by web hosting companies differ from one another but in general you will find:

  • Information about your domain name. So this is where you will know what is the IP address of your website and what are the rules in order to assign a domain name to it.
  • Information about your web hosting. So this is where you have the information about how to transfer files to your server, how you can create a database and so on and so forth.
  • Information about your emails. When you purchase a domain name, web hosting platforms give you in general a set of emails you can use with it.
Last modified: Saturday, 28 September 2019, 12:41 PM