Best practices when managing an online advertising account

Find on this web page the best practices when managing an online advertising account.

  1. The purpose of your ad is to be clicked by the people who are qualified. So your ad should clearly say "please don't click me if you are not qualified". In order to do so include words/sentences which will repeal people from clicking. Prices are interesting because they clearly say that if you cannot afford it, don't click me.
  2. The headline of your ad has to contain the name of the product/service you are advertising.
  3. Define a realistic budget for your campaign. 10 clicks won't be enough in order to judge if your ad is good or not, you will probably need a hundred and maybe up to a thousand clicks to have a clear idea of how good/bad is your ad.
  4. Take a pen and paper, close your computer and start drafting your first ads like this. It is before all a brain work.
  5. Your ad needs to be focused on this given keyword.
  6. Check that your ad correspond to what people may search for in the context they are.
  7. If you want to have great results, your ads need to be specific. For example do not advertise all the shoes you have on your store but go for one ad for each pair of shoes. It is not that long to draft, it is all about logic and database quality.
  8. Are your ads different from the one of the competition? You need to stand out. Inspire yourself from others and find out what they are doing good and what they are doing bad.
  9. Tell your audience what you expect them to do: Try it, create an account, buy now...
  10. Do you have a USP? It corresponds to something you have that no one has. This is exactly this attribute that you need to show.
  11. If it is a text ad, try to add the focus keyword multiple times and have it within the headline, body and display url if possible.
  12. Play with uppercase, but do not do it too much neither, if not people will think that you are YELLING AT THEM (nobody like that).
  13. Always create several versions of your ads in order for them to compete with one another, for example if it is an image ad, have one showing the benefit of the product/service and one showing the product/service itself.
  14. Check that your ad appear on the page you wish to show it to.
  15. Do not launch your ad campaign before ensuring that you add a conversion tracking code. Ask a developer if needed and double check that the work has been done properly.
  16. Track the urls of your ads, if not your analytics system won't credit your visits and your analysis will be wrong.
  17. Ask yourself about the expected results of this campaign and act accordingly. What is a success? What is a failure? What will you do in terms of success/failure.
  18. If you are making some money out of your ads and that it is profitable, then invest more in it. Your work is not really finished until you cover all the demand.
  19. Ensure that you are sending your visitors to the page which corresponds the best to what they are looking for.
  20. Ensure that the landing page has everything to convert before launching your campaigns.
Last modified: Tuesday, 1 October 2019, 4:56 PM