How to set an Operating System on a Raspberry Pi?

When you purchase your Raspberry Pi, very often it does not come with a SD card, and if it does this SD card does not have an Operating System on it... which is a good thing as you should be in control of what you are inserting within your computer (you don't want a hacker spying you at the other part of the world don't you). Unfortunately, having an operating system running on a SD card is not an easy thing. By chance, there is a great software named Etcher which has been developed in order to deploy easily an operating system on your SD card without getting headaches.
The video above explains how to do it, I did it personally for 3 raspberry pi in a row in just some minutes where some months ago it was taking me half a day to have them working.
Moreover Etcher is a Free software, you can find it at:
Last modified: Wednesday, 5 February 2020, 12:13 PM