How to create a native iOS mobile app on GNU/Linux Ubuntu?

The big issue with iOS app is that you need to have a Mac in order to run them. As those are expensive machines. It may be useful to use virtual machines instead. In this module we will see how to proceed.

The full methodology introduced here is extracted from

Download the iso and settings files

The first thing you need in order to start is the iso and the settings files. I won't take the responsibility to post them here. So unfortunately, you will need to find them on your own, at the time of this writing, they are listed on the description of The iso file represents the operating system in itself. Note that the iso file is quite heavy, more than 5 Go.

Use VirtualBox

VirtualBox is a Free software in order to install virutal machines based on iso files.

Once VirtualBox is installed what you need to do is:

  • To add a new virtual machine.
  • To allocate it at least 4Go of RAM. (4Go of Ram won't be enough in order to run Xcode properly but you can can change this value later on).
  • To allocate it at least 30 Go of hard drive as a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD).

Once done create it then click on Settings.

  • Set the video memory to 128 MB.
  • Set the iso to the empty storage part by creating a virtual optical disk.
  • Click on network, set the bridged adapter to your wifi port.
  • Copy/paste within a terminal, all the instructions of the settings file that you formerly downloaded.(pay attention the name of the machine has to be the same so MacOS).
  • During the installation process, they will tell you that you need more space to run the Mac OS installation, so go on Utilities then Disk utility then select the VBOX, then click on erase and name it macos and erase it. Then select this new hard drive for the installation. Then wait for the OS to be installed. It is quite long about 20 minutes and will automatically reboot your virtual machine.

Install an old version of Xcode

Ok so now MacOS is installed, what you need to have now is Xcode. Xcode is the platform to code iOS app, though according to the Mac iso file you choose your may not be able to install the last version of Xcode so you will need a former version. In order to get it download it from

Once done, it may be possible that you cannot run it so you will have to change your security settings. To do so, just run this in your Mac shell:

sudo spctl --master-disable

Once done you should be able to run Xcode.

Creating your first app

Ok great, you did the most difficult part. Now just create a project. Then create a simple app, drag and drop something into it and launch the emulator by clicking on the play arrow.


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