Taking pictures for your website

How to take good pictures for a service website?

  • Focus.
  • Practice.
  • Playing with lights and shadow.
  • Getting consent.
  • Use flash when appropriate.
  • Play with your target.
  • Center.


Focus on your target by getting close to it. The more space/noise you can reduce, the better it will look like.


It is all about how much time you are going to spend on this task. So exercise yourself by taking pictures of objects, situations in order to own your skills.

Light and shadow

Light is your friend. It is here in order to not ruin your photographs. Use light when it comes to the subject that you would like to focus on. Use as shadow if appropriate in order to make your pictures speak.

Getting consent

You may not identify as it but pictures of individuals are personal data, so you need their consent to take them in picture and/or to reuse them afterward.

Use flash

Flash is here in order to remove shadows so you will get better pictures by using it.

Play with your target

If you just ask people to smile you will get a fake picture, fake smile = fake picture. As a result try to play with your target, know your target in order to forecast when the best picture should be taken.


Have your subject at the heart of your shot.

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