Showing the results to your client

Either your project is a failure of a success, you need to draw a conclusion. If it is not part of the contract, a conclusion is always good to have as you will probably not remember in some months or years the outcomes you got out of this online acquisition channel.

Here are the most important parts you should include within your conclusion/presentation (try doodling within your presentation as much as you can, slides full of text will make people focus on your slides not your speech)/report (if it is a presentation in public, exercise yourself first):

  • Summary of the results.
  • Before/after.
  • Precise what you delivered.
  • Issues you faced.
  • What could be improved.
  • Explain what you learnt.
  • Recommendations.


Few people are reading on a computer screen, few people have time, so go straight to the summary, was it a failure or was it a success and what are the key figures we should remember from this project?

Before and after

Once the summary done it is important to make your introduction by explaining the situation you inherited from and where did you send it. This is where figures are important, always talk in terms of revenues and do not hesitate to use colors in order to strengthen your speech.

Precise what you delivered

It is important to list what you produced for the company even if in some cases it did not end with the expected results. If you provided things which were not included within the initial package. Talk about it, that's important.

Issues you faced

Explain the different challenges you faced and how you overcame them, explain what works what didn't.

What could be improved?

Once you explained the issues you faced it can be interesting to explain how you can/could improve in your strategy. It shows your client that there is still some spaces in order to convert even more.

Explain what you learnt

You may wonder why your client may care about this part. Well if she/he is a bit human they will be interested to know if this project was an interesting one as they may look for the same type of collaboration in the future.


This is where you can resell yourself or sell a partner of yours to go to the next level. Do not just deliver a conclusion, offer them the possibility to have a fix or to go even higher. Always remember that acquiring a new customer cost far more than keeping one. Recommendations mean what to do next, and for your customer it really mean how can you bring them even more revenues.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 February 2020, 3:08 PM