Dealing with HIPO

Have you ever heard about the word HIPO? It refers to the Highest Paid Person Opinion. Simply said the success of your work may depend from this person. Clearly she or he is the one within the meeting who can ruin your project and even if all your colleagues are on your side she or he can reverse totally the situation. So succeeding in an online acquisition strategy is as well to be able to deal with HIPOs, this is what the paragraphs below are about.

Keep in mind that what is written within this course is nice on paper, though, one of the big issue that you will face when dealing with online acquisition is the reluctance of your internal organization or the one of your end customer.

How to deal with human is the key challenge.

Online Acquisition not only deal with external traffic acquisition (so asking for a budget) but also with internal modifications to your website you need to apply to your website. If your organization is reluctant to those changes, you will not be able to leverage all the power of this course. So as in digital analytics, you have a lot of psychology to do here.

How can you try to solve this situation?

Psychology above all, you have to understand your HIPO. Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking. Most of the time your HIPO knows, it is just that you are not the one who can offer the solution, she/he has to say it.

You can play the card of data. As far as you have data which are collected, you can always show them. The big next issue is how truthful those data are.

Always speak in terms of revenues. If you speak in terms of revenue, you will see that you will grab the attention straight away. That's why a conversion tracking code is very important for analysts. Without it, you are just throwing arrows to the fog.

On-site client feedback. I know those are hard to get, but if you can ask to your customers and get their feedback then there is something that you can show.

Testing tools, they are easier and easier to install (that was not the case in the past). If you can get the authorization to use them, this is definitely where you are setting like a contract with your client and organization about the pattern you are going to test. The only thing here is to know if you will be dependent from developers or not. If yes, then it means that you need to have a budget.

If you are at the wrong place, well think about changing the place.

And to conclude, here is an interesting reading: Sun Tzu “The art of war”, mostly for attack.

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