How to increase your revenues?

There are several techniques you can use in order to increase your revenues. Here are a couple of them:

  • Include a trial offer.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Reduce your offers.
  • Significant discount for your loyal customers.
  • Be open to partnerships.
  • Play on emergency, limited offers.
  • Provide simple methods in order to pay.
  • Invest in quality pictures and videos.
  • Have an affiliate program.

A trial offer

In fact here you start by building a database. From those people who will take a trial offer, you already know that they have an interest in your product. So it is just a matter of price if they don't renew. You have to find what is this magical price that they expect.

Money back guarantee

Not everyone can afford it, but if you can do so. The idea is to offer the 100% experience to your customer, they will get the product to their door, they will have the possibility to play with it... in general up to 30 days, and in fact there are few chances that they will deliver it back to you... as it is always a pain to do it.

Reduce your offers

If you provide too many offers, your prospect will have a hard time to make a choice. By reducing the number of offers you are forcing them to make a choice. In general there is a first level and a second one, like in a plane, first class and second class.

Significant discount

If some of your customer are ready to pay on a yearly basis, then offer them a significant discount compared to a monthly basis fee.

Be open to partnerships

In general companies tend to be reluctant for partnerships thinking that they are giving away products in exchange of nothing. It may be true but this is mostly about reaching an audience that you never reached before and as far as you have not tested it yet, you will never know if it will work. So you will have to give it a try and give it some time. Do not expect a direct return on investment. A partnership program take some years to build, it is about humans talking to humans.

Play on emergency and limited offers

This is very simple to do. There are special events during the year, Valentine's day, New year, Chinese new year, Christmas, National's day, summer vacations, Halloween... all those dates are giving you opportunities to create limited offers that your prospect can have a chance to take.

Provide simple methods in order to pay

In fact you should be able to provide all the possible methods. This action is the one which is providing the most frictions so if you can reduce those, you will for sure make a profit.

Invest in quality pictures and videos

Quality pictures and videos are probably the things which will stick within the head of your leads, so if you take the time to choose them carefully, for sure, you will make a hit.

Have an affiliate program

There are ambassadors out there, but some of them won't do it without a kickback, by setting an affiliate program they will insert links everywhere in order to ensure that they will get their commission.

Last modified: Tuesday, 4 February 2020, 4:33 PM