Understanding bar codes

Did you know that any products which are sold in the supermarkets are somehow already connected? In fact, thanks to bar codes you can know what the product is about. In fact it is all a question of how to read those bars and which database do you have.
There are many projects out there which will offer you the technology to read bar codes. The most popular one in the Open Source community is Zbar: https://github.com/ZBar/ZBar.
Regarding the database part, it is always challenging as they are mostly proprietary, here is one online: https://www.ean-search.org/ but as you will see just by using the API, it will already cost you some money.
There was an open source project, https://product-open-data.com but seems that it has not been updated since a while.
Last modified: Wednesday, 15 January 2020, 3:14 PM