Ionic installation

In order to start using Ionic, you need to install a couple of things.


NodeJS is an environment to run JavaScript programs, so to say, you need to have it to run Ionic.
Please go on download and install it.


NPM is the package manager of NodeJS, so to say it helps adding features to NodeJS.
Install NPM with the following command:
npm install -g npm@latest

Install Ionic Cordova

In order to do so, perform:
npm install -g ionic cordova
Once it is installed, you need to create a new project. So to say a project is an app.

How to create a new project?

Just run:
ionic start myproject blank
so you now have a project created.

Get within your project with:
cd myproject

Once there, if you would like to see what your app look like, you need to launch the server, launch it with:

ionic serve
and now you can go in a browser and see how it looks like. And congratulations, you now have a server which is running your first app.

Last modified: Sunday, 19 January 2020, 6:51 PM