How search engine advertising program are working?

When one talk about advertising on the internet, it often refers to Search Engine Advertising. In this video we are explaining how advertising on a search engine would work thanks to the use of Revive technology.

How a search engine advertising program is working?

Ok, so the first thing to understand is that the ad you would like to display is going to appear within the search engine results page as it is the space that the search engines are renting.

So, in order to display the ad... you need to have one. This is why SEA solutions will provide you a backend where you can directly write down your ad or even upload it if they allow you to import video ads or banner ads.

Once done you need to define the conditions for which you would like your ads to be displayed, for example at what time, to which kind of computers, from which countries. To make it simple all the data which can be collected from the browser can be used as targeting options.

Then you need to define the price you are ready to pay for every click on your ad and/or any other spending method.

Last modified: Monday, 30 September 2019, 4:11 PM