What is MAUTIC?

Ok, so Online Acquisition is a long process, you need to define a strategy, apply the strategy in order to get visitors to your website... and then what? and then comes MAUTIC. MAUTIC is the platform which will take care about the rest, so to say: Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral.

In fact the real definition of MAUTIC is the following one, a marketing automation software released under the GPLv3 license.

But maybe the word marketing automation does not ring a bell to you, so we are going to explain it a little bit more in details.

You put energy in order to get a visitor on your website (either through word to mouth, seo, emailing, social network...) so far this visitor is passive, looking at pages but do not bring you anything, MAUTIC is here in order to transform your website, analyze the behavior of your visitor in order to increase the chances to convert him.

In order to do so MAUTIC brings you:

  • A tracking system: in order to identify what the visitor is doing.
  • Emailing features: in order to send emails according to conditions you are defining.
  • CRM features: in order to identify which lead has more chances to convert.
  • Landing page features: in order to make your website sexier and have more chances to convert
  • and many many other cool features.

We will see within the next part of the course how you can install it on your local server and start to train yourself on it.

And if you are scared about the technological aspects of MAUTIC, just to let you know that it shares exactly the same DNA as WordPress and Matomo:

  • PHP.
  • MySQL.
  • Apache server.
Last modified: Monday, 3 February 2020, 4:30 PM