An example of an issue solved with a digital device

An image is worth a thousand of words:

There is the queue in a supermarket

This supermarket has an issue, queuing.

To solve this issue they set the following connected component just below the cashier desk:

A module similar to HC-SR04

If we zoom on it, it looks like this:


and it is a similar module to this one:


This sensor is here in order to say if there is an object passing in front of it, in fact it is sending waves, and if those waves are not coming back as normal then it reacts. As a result if there is something in front of it:

It will indicate that the following desk is busy. When a cart or a person is not in front of this component, then:

The screen will indicate that the desk is free and that people can go to it.

So technically, all of this is possible because, there is somewhere a terminal to which those components are connected to, such as this one:

Typically the kind of thing you can do from home

And there is some code injected within the terminal in order to explain how the components should behave:

You now understand how powerful those devices can be and can identify so many issues which can be solved thanks to connected devices.

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