Why is there a need for open source data visualization systems?

There are currently three big companies out there providing data visualization software, you have Microsoft BI. Tableau Software and Google Data Studio.

As you can read it from Microsoft BI and Google Data Studio, both are hosting data on their company servers which means that if your concern is about hosting data on places where Gafam cannot have an access to... then one of those two solutions will be a good fit for you. If you go for Tableau Software, all the data are hosted on AWS which is Amazon behind, so to say, none of them are providing possibilities of not hosting your data on GAFAM servers.

As you can imagine it is offering possibilities for Open Source players to fit in. And this is exactly what this full course is about. How can you perform data visualization by keeping the contol over your data. There are solutions, in this course we will mainly talk about Metabase but there are others such as Redash.

Last modified: Monday, 9 March 2020, 2:15 PM