Metabase vocabulary

The official vocabulary list of Metabase is available here:

To get a shorter list to get started, please find my definitions here below:

Collection: it is nothing more than a folder in which you will insert the different items that you will create.

Dashboard: a page on which you will insert your different data sets (named question in Metabase).

Database: it represents an external set of data that you can connect to Metabase in order to import data within it.

Format: also referred to type. It is the property of your data: date, text...

Metrics: they are types of data that you can make mathematics on.

Pulse: it is a synonym of a notification.

Question: in fact, they are simply queries to databases that you can save in order to save as widgets for your dashboard.

Segment: that's the possibility you have in order to filter your data.

SQL: Sequence Query Language, the most used database language in order to query databases. Without knowing it you will probably not go that far within Metabase.

Tables: the way data are displayed with columns and rows.

Visualization: the way data are displayed.

X-ray: X-ray in Metabase jargon means that guess what would be interesting to study in terms of data for you and are automatically selecting sets of data from your collection.

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