How to add a MySQL database in Metabase?

As all databases, it is all a questions of credentials. To add a database within Metabase, proceed as follow:

  • Click on settings (right top and corner).
  • Click on admin.
  • Click on databases (top menu).
  • Click on add database.
  • Choose the database type "MySQL".
  • Give an explicit name to your database, a name that you can easily remember later on.
  • Indicate the host, if it is a local database, just let localhost.
  • Indicate the port, if it is a local database, high chances that you can keep this field empty.
  • Indicate the database name which correspond to the database you are querying.
  • Indicate the user who has access to this database, so to say your username.
  • For the rest, those are security measures, so as far as your database is not that big and that you are working with Metabase locally you don't need to fill those fields.

Ok, you are good to go.

Last modified: Saturday, 8 February 2020, 2:07 PM