Asking a question

The concept of asking a question is the heart of Metabase. In fact the idea of Metabase is the following one, you plot on a dashboard the different questions you have and Metabase give you the answer in terms of figures that you have to analyze in order to comment them and share the answer with the decision makers.

Let's take a basic example. I want to know who has an access to my Matomo's instance. As a result, I am linking my Matomo's instance to Metabase. Then I click on Ask a question. Then you select the database that you want to query "Pick your data". Once there, select the table that you want, use the search field as there are many tables within a database. Once you have it selected you may have far more columns than needed, so click on show editor in order to modify this table.

Ok, now click on columns and uncheck the columns that you don't want to add, then click on Save and add it to the dashboard.

Last modified: Saturday, 8 February 2020, 2:48 PM