How to manage Matomo Analytics with Metabase?

Matomo Analytics is the most well known Free software to analyze behavior on intranet, internet and mobile applications. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to link the database to Metabase in order to query easily any report we want.

Let's see what we can do here.

Enabling SQL logging in Matomo


This would give you a similar output in the Matomo log file
Then maybe use the Matomo API instead of the UI as when you open e.g. the dashboard lot's of reports are loaded at the same time and they all do different SQL queries at the same time.
Using the API you know that all queries just belong to this limited API request.
And then you can use tail -f somelogfile to watch a file and see all the changes to it in realtime.

The developers behind Matomo recommends not to query directly the database as the database is also used in order to record the visitor behaviour on the websites. As a result it is recommended to query a copy of the database which is independent from the rest, like this you will minimize the consequences. This method is called Read Replica.

Last modified: Saturday, 8 February 2020, 3:32 PM