How to contribute to Metabase through Github?

As most of Free software, Metabase cannot grow with the contribution of the community. In order to make the project grows, so as many other community projects, Metabase is using

Github is kind of a social network for developers where they are communicating about the different issues the software has and how to collaborate in order to fix those errors.

At the date of February the 7th 2020, Metabase has over 2,000 tickets opened on which mean that the project is really active.

You can easily contribute to Metabase by suggesting features, report a bug by using the following form (New issue).

Note that before posting double-check that there isn't a similar ticket already open.

For example, I personally find out a bug in Metabase (there is no unselect all columns by default), so I looked for it in Github:

By chance a ticket has been created on Github about it. So I don't need to write it, though I can contribute to this ticket, either by liking it or by writing in text by answering to it.

You can also contribute to Metabase by helping community members on the Metabase forum at:

Last modified: Tuesday, 10 March 2020, 12:42 PM