About maps

CenterFromString: is here in order to indicate what should be the default value for the center of the map.

EnablePlan: ???

EnableRotation: it enables the map to rotate.

LocationSensor: ???

MapType: the type of map you would like to get, aerial is the same as the one you see when you take the plane, terrain is taking into consideration the depth of the oceans and height of mountains and roads is the classic one.

Rotation: it expects a number to indicate the number of degrees by which you would like to rotate the map.

ScaleUnits: it means either to display data in terms of feet or in terms of meters.

ShowCompass: it shows you the compass on the map to indicate you where is the north, south...

ShowScale: it displays the scale on the map to give you an idea about the distances.

ShowUser: shows where the user of the app is currently located.

ShowZoom: shows you the possibility to zoom with + and - on the map.

Visible: to make the map visible.

ZoomLevel: it will show you the level of zoom at which you want to go, it goes from 1 to 18, where 18 means that you are going up to the street level number.

About the different functions that you can call

PanTo: it means that the map will move to the indicated location.

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