The Matomo Tracking code checklist

Here is below a non exhaustive list of things to check if the Matomo tracking request is not sent properly:
  • Check that the Matomo Tag Manager code is one the page.
  • Check that you don't have mix content (a Matomo in https tracking a non https website and vice versa).
  • Look through the console to see if there is a mistake in there in JavaScript like multiple trackers.
  • Check within the network tab if the request are properly sent.
  • Check if your browser is not blocking your JavaScript, pay attention it could be an extension/add-on blocking it.
  • Are Matomo cookies set?
  • Isn't it the fact that you are in preview mode?
  • Is your IP excluded from Matomo?
  • Do you have the opt-out feature on?
  • If using Matomo Tag Manager are you sure you have a Matomo Tag within it?
  • If using Matomo Tag Manager are you sure that you are sending the data to right site ID?
  • Did you give a try to send the Matomo pixel instead?
Last modified: Monday, 4 May 2020, 2:41 PM