Conversion tracking explained

When doing advertising, you would like to know how much was your investment worth. Let's imagine that you assigned a budget of 100€ to promote a product, you expect to get in return far more than those 100€.

As its name stands for it, conversion tracking refers to the possibility to measure every time that an interaction was achieved on your website thanks to your ad.

To make it simple it consists of pushing to the ad platform the information that a visitor who clicked on one of the ad achieved something you are interested in.

In order to be able to do this, you need to execute a tracker (a script) when the action you wanted to track has been achieved.

Note that it is possible to get this information as well from the analytics platform if your links are tracked, but it is always better to have two systems in place in order to ensure that the data are consistent.

Technically it works like this:

1) the visitor clicks on your ad (as a result, a cookie is set on its browser and/or she/he gets track thanks to the parameters passed through the URL).

2) when the visitor achieves the action you desired, then the tracker is looking through the cookies or through the referer. If it sees that the cookie corresponds of the one of the ad or if the referer is the one corresponding to the ad, then it is sending an HTTP request to the ad network in order to count one conversion.

In order to activate this feature in Revive

1) Check if the conversion tracking feature is activated:

Configuration --> Global Settings --> Conversion Tracking Settings

2) Add the column conversion:

My Account --> Preferences --> User Interface Preferences --> Statistics

3) Create the conversion tracking code in:

Inventory --> Advertisers --> Your advertiser --> Trackers

4) Assign this new tracker to a campaign.

5) Assign a campaign window to this campaign.

6) Get the conversion tracking code.

7) Implement the conversion tracking code.

Note that if there is something you would like to ensure which is working on your ad network, that's for sure the conversion tracking code.

Last modified: Monday, 30 September 2019, 4:23 PM