How to get some help for phpList?

For sure, you will have issues with phpList. The reason is that you are responsible for everything here so you need to know:

  • marketing.
  • system administration.
  • to understand sometimes how the software is built.

As you cannot be 100% expert in each of those fields you will of course encounter some situations you are not comfortable with. Here are below the different ways you can get your problem solved:

  • Have a phpList local installation.
  • Use your common sense.
  • phpList manual.
  • phpList forum.
  • phpList resources center.
  • phpList repository.
  • phpList professional support.

Have a phpList local installation

Having a phpList local installation will offer you the possibility to break/hack the software without harming your online installation. Moreover this is the best way to learn how phpList is working the hard way. So always have a phpList local installation somewhere.

Use your common sense

phpList is a software built with traditionnal programming languages and technologies. So whatever the issue you are facing, it's probably closely related to: MySQL database, PHP, mail server settings... so everything you learnt so far may help. So always ask yourself what kind of errors you are facing and think about how you would have solve it with a cousin software (cache issue, config file, file permissions).

phpList's manual

phpList manual is available here. It is very well done and covering all the main features. What you just have to do is to perform a search and read the chapter you have an interest in.

phpList forum

Of course there are many people talking about phpList on the internet but trust me the phpList forum is the place where you will find the biggest phpList community. Note that a forum is a website which is sometimes hard to browse by search engines. So always use the internal search engine of the forum to ensure that a post has been written about your issue or not.

phpList resources center

phpList repository

The phpList repository is located at

phpList professional support

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