Designing the plan of your IOT object with Fritzing

In this part we are going to see Fritzing, a Free software in order to design plans for your Arduino project. The typical use case is the following one. You would like to show how you built your object but through a video it is really hard for others to see how you build it. As a result they are frustrated and it is even hard for you to get some help if your project is wrong because people cannot really see where you made a mistake.

Thanks to Fritzing you can easily show your work and people can even correct your work when you are sending the sources.

Let's see how to install and use Fritzing.

Fritzing is a software so you need to download it and then install it on your computer.

Download your right version on

Then unzip the file in a folder.

Then go to this folder and execute the following command line:


Welcome to Fritzing.

To make it more explicit, this is what will make people crazy if they want to reproduce your project or to help you:

This is what they expect:

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