Taking decisions

Taking decisions is the most fundamental part of analytics as it represents the end of your work. But it is also the most frustrating as this is where some people start to be cold feet.

Here are some situations which may happen:

  • Reconsidering the data you suggested because they have the feeling that they are wrong. As a result you are going back to point A and probably they will change the digital analytics consultant.
  • They don't have the budget to engage those actions. As a result all your analysis or at least the most important recommandations won't be applied.
  • They finally don't have time anymore for this project so it is postponed to a later date.

One of the most interesting approach here is really to prioritize the actions according to the means they have. This is where some TMS can be handy as they allow you sometimes to perform very technical actions without breaking the bank.

Prioritizing your actions is nothing more than a calculation based on the complexity of the action and the impact that this action will have on the overall performance of the website/app.

Just to let you know as well that not having clear goals are the most difficult projects to handle as a web analyst as you don't really know how to help.

It is often the case when you are working on projects which are not revenue oriented.

It is far more easier when a company is telling you that if they don't get 100 orders through their website at the end of the year then they are closing it down.

Here are however some use cases when you should see actions taken right away:
- number of not found pages is high (in general they are fixing them right away)
- intent to send forms and no email have been received (in general they are testing the forms right away)
- poor seo, for example few entry pages are showing up with a search engine segment (in general they will launch a SEO audit)
- they received a feedback from an end user (in general they are answering and taking it into consideration)
- ppc ads suck, they are spending a lot of money and no goals achieved (in general they will check the conversion path and investigate what they purchased and will modify ads accordingly).

Last modified: Monday, 9 September 2019, 9:22 PM